Preparation & After Care

What to do before and after your eyelash extensions appointment


  1. Check your email, you’ll get a reminder with exact time and the address of my home studio.
  2. Please make sure you are on time. If you’re late I will have to cut into lash time if I have another client right after you.
  3. Set aside enough time for your appointment.
    • 2 hours for a classic set is (1hr for refill)
    • 2.5 hours for 3D set (20m minutes for refill)
    • 3 hours for Russian Volume (1h 40m for refill)
    • 1 hour for Lash Lift & Tint
  4. DO NOT wear any makeup (removing it cuts into lash time!)
  5. Take a shower before the appointment. It’s advisable you avoid hot steam two days after first application which ensures the glue sets for longer.
  6. Let me know ahead of time if you have any allergies to ingredients in glue! I can offer glue for sensitive eyes instead.
  7. In case you need to reach me last minute, text me at 647-836-7080

After Care

  1. Keep the lashes from getting wet for the first 12 hours.
  2. Brush lashes at least twice a day to keep them tangle free.
  3. ​Do not use oil based eye products, creams or mascara (they loosen the glue).
  4. ​Only use water-based makeup & makeup remover.
  5. Clean lashes with a lash cleanser daily to prevent build up and infection.
  6. Don’t rub eyes or pull on the lashes!
  7. As much as possible ​avoid sleeping on your face.
  8. ​Do not perm, tint or curl lashes.
  9. For best results, air dry lashes after getting them wet.
  10. ​See a trained eyelash technician to remove them – do not pull!
  11. ​To extend the life of your lashes, please schedule a touch up every 2-3 weeks.